Wood, noble, natural and ecological material

Why wooden tray ?

Because wood is a natural and biodegradable material, in opposition with plastic, carboard or aluminium packagings.

Because Cook ‘in Wood is in compliance with standards of food industry.*

Because it brings an attractive looking, perfectly adapted to healthy cooking, hand-made, organic, local. It suits the good tasty quality of food.

Because a better preservation was observed, thanks to humidity exchanges between wood and food.

Because wood has the lowest footprint with its local network.

What specie of wood do we use ?

100% French wood, 0% import !

We are rooted in the Loire Valley, fruitful fields for poplars. We exclusively manufacture products out of non treated poplar. We rigorously select our trees from sustainably managed forests which are about 200 km from our factory !

Our company and our woods are certified PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).
International label certifying the origin, planting conditions, forestry operations and felling trees in respect of the environment.
This label warrants a rigorous traceability to our packaging, from the field, and the eco-friendly origin of wood used in the finished goods manufacturing.

*Standards compliances

Directive CE 1935/2004 about materials and items dedicated to food compliance.
Regulation CE 2023/2006 about good manufacturing uses of items and materials dedicated to food contact.
Directive 2007-766 of May 10th 2007, amended by the directive 2008-1469 dated December 30th 2008.
Directive CE 94/62 about packagings and wastes moved into the Environment regulation (legal part, book V, items R.543-42 to R.543-52).